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The Red Mile™ Affiliate Program


Get Paid to Help Us Grow The Red Mile


Wanna earn some money in your spare time? With little to no effort? No risk? And no training required? Self-made hours and NO MLM!


Business owners, merchants, corporate sponsors, stay-at-home parents, social butterflies, Facebook fanatics, Linked-in professionals... Everyone's doing it.


Don't miss out on thousands of potential monthly referral fees!!! We need your help to refer everyone you know to join this site as Fans of The Red Mile™ and to refer us to potential advertisers you may know in your circle of influence.


YOU are our marketing department!


Anyone can do it! It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Just Enroll Now to

Become an Independent

Red Mile Affiliate. 


  1. Simply enroll as an RMA by clicking on the Start Here button in the top left picture to send us an email of your particulars. We will send you the registration form and payment instructions for the nominal licensing fee. You may renew annually for as long as you wish and you may cancel your affiliation at any time.

  2. Open up your contact database, social media site, and your big mouth, and simply tell prospective advertisers about this site using your unique referral code that will be sent to you. 

  3. You will get paid 10-20% commission for each advertising purchase made by a qualifying sponsor who uses your code or website / email link. (See the margin for an example of an ad.)


That's all there is to it!


As an RMA, you will receive:

  • a 1 year licence to represent The Red Mile as an independent affiliate

  • a personalized affiliate code and a linked embed code for use on personal / business websites, social media sites, emails, and advertising pieces

  • A custom template made to your specifications for you to have handout business cards printed at our sponsored print supplier.

  • Instant commissions paid by email transfer or PayPal for each advertiser referred to this site using your code.


As an independent affiliate, you may also qualify to earn certain taxable benefits as a self-employed affiliate. (Check with your tax professional on allowable business deductions you may be allowed). 

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