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ABOUT The Red Mile™

About The Red Mile™...


You've heard about it on TV, you've read about it in the papers, and you've seen it on the internet. NOW, come and visit it!


We are THE destination in Calgary for local and international visitors to come to for their shopping and entertainment needs. In June 2004 alone, our website received almost 9 million hits making it an instant success story as far away as Tampa Bay! Over the last 16 years, we have accumulated over 35 million hits from all around the globe. When our beloved Calgary Flames are doing well, we average 100,000-200,000 hits per month as people search for what’s new along 17th Avenue. In our first 5 years, we were ranked #1 in the yahoo search engine, usually #4 in Google, and in the Top 100 searches on


During the Calgary Flames’ amazing 2004 NHL playoff run for the Stanley Cup, and again in 2006 and 2015, this area became "party central" for Flames fans at numerous bars and restaurants along 17th Ave SW. The area continues to remain vibrant as a tourism and shopping destination so come see what else the mile had to offer!. 


Our plans are for The Red Mile to be heavily promoted during high traffic events like the Stampede parade, at the fair grounds, at trade shows and conventions, by tourism bureaus and travel agents, in taxi cabs, in movie theatres, and at numerous other venues, all year long, as the ultimate travel destination in Calgary. Numerous marketing and business opportunities exist for ambitious entrepreneurs to help with these endeavors.  

For more information about our branding concepts and numerous merchant advertising & licensing opportunities, or to discuss joining our team, please Contact Us today.

Est. in 2004, The Red Mile  brand & tagline are copyrights of Trilogy Promotions Inc.

Coming features:


  • Red Mile Shoppers will soon be able to browse hundreds of merchant listings in The Red Mile™ Red Pages to take advantage of advertisements, specials, and promotions not publicized elsewhere. Patrons will be able to win prizes in-store and on The Red Mile™ website just for shopping at participating merchants.

  • The Red Mile™ VIP Club loyalty card will be an annual membership card that gives holders exclusive in-store discounts at participating merchants along the 17th Ave strip.

  • Until now, business owners looking to open a business along 17th Ave had no central database to reference online. Rather, a drive or walk along the mile was the only effective way for business owners to scout out some new digs. The Red Mile™ My Landlord interface aims to solve the property acquisition dilemma. If you are a building owner or property manager with commercial space along The Red Mile, you may list and manage the details of your property here so that would-be tenants can easily research and contact potential lease, sale, and rental locations along the strip.  

  • The Red Mile™ Classifieds will be a Kijiji-style classified ads section that merchants will use to post specials, clearance items, and employment opportunities for fans of The Red Mile™.

  • Seasonal events like The Red Mile™ Festival, proposed for mid-August, will be showcased.

  • New Photo Galleries with a merchant bios section is in development. 

  • Live Webcams with sponsorship and hosting options are currently available to businesses.

  • Our 'Live Web Cams' will allow web surfers the opportunity to peruse the action on The Red Mile™ on their phones and online at their convenience. Between 10-20 cameras are available for merchants to host and/or sponsor along The Red Mile™ .

  • Virtual Video shopping experiences for merchants to promote there own infomercials within their listing profiles.

  • Red Mile TV is launching soon which will bring full cable television and web broadcast capabilities to merchants along the mile. Merchants will be able to be seen 24/7 and tell their stories in an infomercial interview-style format on our own private dedicated channel!

  • Merchant Video and Branding services offered in-house by seasoned, industry professionals.

  • Virtual block-by-block video walks to every business as if you were really there!

  • A feature-rich, multi-media experience and 'What's New' guide for local events.

More to come...


We are constantly renovating, upgrading, and adding exciting new functionality the website to help Red Mile Merchants attract more loyal, involved, and repeat customers, which serves to keep The Red Mile™ alive.


SPORTS FANS: We will continue to invite Calgary sports fans to converge on The Red Mile™ to cheer on and celebrate the victories of their favorite sports teams.


Eventually, shoppers will be able to use The Red Mile™ Loyalty Card at participating merchants to receive promotional specials advertised only through this website. AND, weekly prizes will be awarded to cardholders with the winning ID numbers posted somewhere in this site. The Red Mile™ line of merchandise and collectibles will be made available at select local establishments and on-line. To discuss resale opportunities, drop us a line.

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